Hutt International Boys' School

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Hutt International Boys' School
Hutt International Boys' School logo.svg
Motto: "Encourage and Expect Excellence"
Granville Street,
Upper Hutt,
New Zealand
Coordinates 41°08′26″S 175°02′14″E / 41.1406°S 175.0372°E / -41.1406; 175.0372Coordinates: 41°08′26″S 175°02′14″E / 41.1406°S 175.0372°E / -41.1406; 175.0372
Type Single sex boys Integrated Secondary (Year 7-13)
Established 1991 [1]
Ministry of Education Institution no. 4158
Principal Mike Hutchins[2]
School roll 651[3] (July 2016)
Socio-economic decile 10Z[4]

Hutt International Boys' School (usually known by its acronym, HIBS) is a state integrated boys' secondary school in Trentham, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.[5]

The current principal is Mike Hutchins, who took up the position in January 2014.[6] Former principal Grahame Duffy had been in charge of the school from 2002 until he announced his resignation in 2013.[7]


HIBS was founded in 1991 as a private school, and was then known as Hutt Independent Boys' School.[8] The school was briefly sited in Silverstream, Upper Hutt. However, in 1994 the school moved to Trentham, Upper Hutt on land previously used by the Wellington Racing Club and opted for state integration.[9] The school has a unique 'special character' and is affiliated with the Anglican faith.[10] Recently the school has undertaken a new construction programme, which is the new Maths and Social Sciences block.[11]

House system[edit]

The school has operated a house system since 1996, similar to that used in English public schools. Each house is named after an iconic New Zealander: Freyberg (named after Bernard Freyberg), Halberg (named after Murray Halberg), Rutherford (named after Ernest Rutherford), and Hillary (named after Edmund Hillary).[12] These houses compete against each other in friendly competition for the house cup in a number of events throughout the year.[13]

International Service[edit]

The school runs an ′International Service′ programme, where each year a group of students complete service by helping others in less fortunate countries. The group of students perform tasks such as painting school buildings, installing computer systems, building facilities, improving drainage as well as learning about the culture of another country and interacting with its people. HIBS has performed International Service of countries such as Philippines, Mexico, Samoa, Vietnam, Tonga, Cook Islands and Fiji.[14]

Notable alumni[edit]


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