Huxley Pig

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Huxley Pig
Starring Martin Jarvis
Country of origin England
No. of episodes 25
Running time 10 min.
Original channel Central TV
Original release 5 June 1989 – 11 December 1990
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Huxley Pig is a stop-motion animated children's television series based on a series of picture books authored by Rodney Peppé.

The series was produced by FilmFair for Central TV, with narration by Martin Jarvis. 25 episodes aired from 1989 through 1990.

General Theme[edit]

The main character, Huxley Pig, was always dreaming of adventure, exciting professions and encounters. At the start of each episode Huxley would be in his bedroom talking to Sam the squawking seagull and wondering about something. He would open his big suitcase of dress-up clothes, try something on and say, "Hmmm, I wonder". The picture would fade and be taken away into his daydreams for the rest of the story.

In the dream, Sam the Seagull would be able to speak, in a Cockney accent, and there were many other varied characters such as:

  • Vile Vincent, the vampire pig-butler
  • Horace, a hamster and something of a con artist
  • Cuddles, a fanged green beast
  • Sydney, a snake with a lisp

The adventures took Huxley and the gang to many places, as long as there was food nearby. Food was close to Huxley's heart.

What was curious about the show is that while Sam the Seagull is, as in reality, only able to speak English in dream sequences Huxley, who is clearly a pig, is able to speak in everyday life.

Huxley Pig episodes[edit]

# Title Broadcast Date Summary
1 Huxley Pig at the Circus 5 June 1989 Huxley Pig rumages through his clothes and pulls out a clown suit and dreams about being at the circus by sharing six 'Knock, Knock' jokes with Horace and struggles on the high wire but doesn't do too bad in the end.
2 Huxley Pig and the Haunted House 12 June 1989 Huxley Pig looks through a picture book about a haunted house and dreams of him and Sam visiting one called Holiday Haunts, where they meet Horace the rodent agent, the vampire-butler Vile Vincent, Cuddles the big green monster who cooks them 'Monster Burgers' to which they didn't really like, but it hurts Cuddles's feelings, then they play 'Swallow My Leader' to cheer Cuddles up.
3 Huxley Pig on a Desert Island 19 June 1989 While playing with his toy boat and sailor suit, Huxley dreams of him and Sam sailing at sea for real. After being caught in a storm, they end up on a desert island where they meet Horace the pirate and Sidney the snake and undertake a treasure hunt.
4 Huxley Pig at the Beach 26 June 1989 Huxley dreams of going to the beach. In the dream he ends up being constantly pestered to buy things by Horace. Who eventually admits there are no other people on the beach because of a sea monster. Huxley goes to meet the monster.
5 Huxley Pig at the Big Top 3 July 1989 huxley dreams of joining a circus and along with Sam performing a sticky wine gum throwing act.
6 Huxley Pig at the Restaurant 10 July 1989
7 Huxley Pig and the Sea Monster 17 July 1989
8 Huxley Pig Goes Flying 24 July 1989 Huxley receives a toy plane from his granny and dreams of flying a real plane with Sam. Unfortunately, Horace is their mechanic. He forgets to fill the fuel tank, and on their test flight they crash land on Sidney's island.
9 Huxley Pig Goes Camping 31 July 1989
10 Huxley Pig and the Abominable Snowpig 7 August 1989
11 Huxley Pig and the Burglar 14 August 1989
12 Huxley Pig Makes a Movie 21 August 1989
13 Huxley Pig's Cinderella 28 August 1989
# Title Broadcast Date Summary
1 The Magician 25 September 1990
2 The Reporter 2 October 1990
3 Stone Age Huxley 9 October 1990
4 Huxley Pig in Space 16 October 1990
5 Going Fishing 23 October 1990
6 Home Movie 30 October 1990
7 The Smugglers 6 November 1990
8 Desert Explorer 13 November 1990
9 The Decorator 20 November 1990
10 The Hairdresser 27 November 1990
11 The Village Fete 4 December 1990
12 Going Skiing 11 December 1990 Huxley Pig wins a 'Free Skiing Holiday' in the post and dreams about a skiing holiday of which the 'rotten' rodent instructor Horace becomes a fraud by seeing Vile Vincent's badges and certificates that he won since for 'Ski Fraud Squad' all the other skiers failed, then when dream is over he finds a 'Ski Fraud Squad' badge in his lunchbox as a 'free gift'

DVD Releases[edit]

So far, two DVDs of the series have been released in Region 2.

Huxley Pig At The Circus
Contains the following episodes:

  1. The Circus
  2. Haunted House
  3. Desert Island
  4. The Beach
  5. The Clown

Something's Cooking
Contains the following episodes:

  1. Something Cooking, Huxley Pig
  2. Huxley Pig and the Sea Monster
  3. Huxley Pig Goes Flying
  4. Huxley Pig Goes Camping
  5. Huxley Pig and the Abominable Snowpig

VHS Releases[edit]

Since their broadcast on ITV in 1989, episodes of the first series were released on three videos by Tempo Video except for Huxley Pig Goes Camping that went as part of the Video Treats for Toddlers compilation tape released by Collins Video in 1990 along with Babar, Adventures of Parsley the Lion and The Care Bears

VHS video title Year of release Episodes
Here Comes Huxley Pig (92492) 2 October 1989 Huxley Pig at the Circus, Huxley Pig and the Haunted House, Huxley Pig at the Restaurant and Huxley Pig on a Desert Island
The Adventures of Huxley Pig (92502) 2 October 1989 Huxley Pig at the Beach, Huxley Pig at the Big Top, Huxley Pig and the Sea Monster and Huxley Pig Meets the Snow Monster
Huxley Pig Goes Flying (93682) 6 August 1990 Huxley Pig Goes Flying, Huxley Pig and the Burglar, Huxley Pig's Cinderella and Huxley Pig Makes a Movie

Production Staff[edit]

Director of Animation 
Martin Pullen
Jo Pullen
Executive Producers 
Barrie Edwards, David Yates, Lewis Rudd
Herbert Chappell
John Gilluley
Camera Assistant 
Paul Street
Model Makers 
Alan Murphy
Lizzie Agnew Mark Hall Brian Cosgrove
Puppet Makers 
Justin Exley, Pauline London
Production Manager 
Kath Swain
Andi Sloss, Robert Dunbar
Assistant Editor 
Jackie Cockie
Martin Jarvis


A computer game was released by Alternative Software in 1990 for the Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC and in 1991 for the ZX Spectrum.