Huye District

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Huye District
Shown within Southern Province and Rwanda
Shown within Southern Province and Rwanda
 • Total581.5 km2 (224.5 sq mi)
 (2012 census)
 • Total328,298
 • Density560/km2 (1,500/sq mi)

Huye is one of eight district (Akarere) that make up Rwanda’s Southern Province. It has a total surface area of 581.5 square Kilometers. It has fourteen sectors and 77 Cells with a total of 509 Umudugudus (villages) in total. The district has a population of 314,022 inhabitants with an average of 540 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The current Mayor of Huye District is SEBUTEGE Ange.[citation needed]

Geography, tourism and education[edit]

Huye District borders with Nyanza district in the North, Gisagara in the east and south, Nyaruguru in the South West and Nyamagabe in the North West. The hilly landscape protrudes from East to West but develops into a steep hilly and mountainous area as one moves towards the West and North West.

In the western part of the District are high undulating mountains including the famous Huye mountain. The District has rainfall distribution pattern of 1.200 mm and an average climate of 19°C

Huye District is home to the National University of Rwanda, the oldest university in the country.

The National Museum which is home to Rwanda's cultural and historic heritage is also located in the district. The museum houses some of the remains of last known Rwandan kings surrounded by some of the most ancient tools and traditional hardware.


Huye district is divided into 14 sectors (imirenge): Gishamvu, Karama, Kigoma, Kinazi, Maraba, Mbazi, Mukura, Ngoma, Ruhashya, Huye, Rusatira, Rwaniro, Simbi and Tumba.


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Coordinates: 2°31′S 29°42′E / 2.517°S 29.700°E / -2.517; 29.700