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Huzir Sulaiman (born in 1973) is a Malaysian actor, director and writer based in Singapore. One of Malaysia's leading dramatists, acclaimed[by whom?] for his vibrant, inventive use of language and incisive insight into human behaviour in general and the Asian psyche in particular. His plays, often charged with dark humour, political satire, and surrealistic twists, have won numerous awards[vague] and international recognition. He currently lives in Singapore, which he moved to in 2003.

Life and career[edit]

His father is Haji Sulaiman Abdullah, who was born G. Srinivasan Iyer, a Tamil Brahmin who later converted to Islam. Sulaiman is a veteran lawyer who served as Malaysian Bar Council president. His mother is Hajjah Mehrun Siraj, who has served as a professor, lawyer, consultant for United Nations agencies, NGO activists and a Commissioner with the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia.

For a short time in the early part of the 1990s, he hosted an afternoon talk show on WOW FM, a now-defunct Malaysian radio station. In the 1990s, Huzir also spent a year writing sketches with the Instant Café Theatre Company before starting the Straits Theatre Company in 1996. He began writing plays in 1997.[1] He also dabbled himself into film writing, where he had wrote the screenplay for the unreleased Malaysian film Dukun.[2]

He also contributed articles to The Star and The Huffington Post, and involved himself in the publishing of the online magazine POSKOD.SG.

He married Claire Wong, a Malaysia-born Singaporean stage actress, in 2004. They together co-founded the creative consultancy Studio Wong Huzir.[3]

Selected Plays[edit]

  • 1997: Lazy Hazy Crazy
  • 1998: Atomic Jaya
  • 1998: The Smell of Language
  • 1998: Hip-hopera
  • 1999: Notes on Life & Love & Painting
  • 1999: Election Day
  • 2000: Those Four Sisters Fernandez
  • 2002: Occupation
  • 2002: Whatever That Is
  • 2003: They Will Be Grateful
  • 2004: Opiume
  • 2005: Colony of Singapore
  • 2007: Cogito
  • 2011: The Weight of Silk on Skin



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