Hwang Shinwei

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Hwang Shinwei
Residence Taiwan
Occupation Game programmer
Years active 1988–1991
Known for Magic Jewelry

Hwang Shinwei (Chinese: 黃信維; pinyin: Huángxìnwéi) is a retired[citation needed] Taiwanese game programmer. From 1988 to 1991 he developed video games for the NES, which were all released without a license from Nintendo. Most of the games developed by him were clones of popular titles of the time, some of which were not originally converted for the console (such as Blockout). And they all appeared on different multicarts; some titles like 3D Block, Block Force, Brush Roller, Magic Jewelry, and Magic Jewelry II, were also individually released in NES cartridge format.[1]

His most well-known game was Magic Jewelry, a clone of Columns.

List of Hwang Shinwei games[edit]

Clone titles[edit]

No. Title Release
Clone of Notes
1 Mí Hún Chē 1988 Chi Chi Toy Co. Rally-X
2 3D Block 1989/1990 Self Published (1989)
RCM Group (1990)
3 Block Force 1990 RCM Group Block Hole Originally developed by Hwang Jiun-Ming, Hwang Shinwei in this game is credited as "layout and music".
4 Brush Roller 1990 Many Publishers Crush Roller The hack version of the game was developed by NTDEC in 1991 as Bookyman, and later included in the 1992's multicart Caltron 6 in 1.
5 F18 Race 1990 RCM Group Grand Prix
6 Frog River 1990 RCM Group Frogger
7 Magic Jewelry 1990 RCM Group Columns
8 BB Car 1991 RCM Group
JY Company
Rally-X A new version of the original 1988 game Mí Hún Chē.
9 Magic Jewelry II 1991 RCM Group Columns The only sequel to Magic Jewelry.
10 Wild Ball 1991 RCM Group Emi-chan no Moero Yakyūken! Also known as Baseball Boxing (Yěqiú Quán).

Original titles[edit]

No. Title Release year Original publisher Notes
1 Punch Sprite 1990 Self Published A Whack-a-mole game with graphics taken from Super Mario Bros..
2 2 Turn Pair 1991 RCM Group A Shisen-Sho-based game.
3 Memory Pair 1991 RCM Group A Concentration solitaire game.
4 China Chess Unknown Unknown A Banqi-based game.
5 Piano Unknown Unknown A Piano simulator game.

Multi-game cartridges[edit]

No. Title Original
1 Tetris Family: 6-in-1[2] RCM Group 1991 1) Credited as Block Family on title screen.
2) Contains: Tetris, Tetris, 3D Block, Flipull, Magic Jewelry, and Block Force (credited as Square Force on the cartridge).
2 Tetris Family: 9-in-1 RCM Group 1991 1) Credited as Tetris Series: Super 9 in One on title screen.
2) Contains: Tetris (BPS/Nintendo), Tetris (Atari), 3D Block, Flipull, Block Force, Magic Jewelry, Wild Ball, 2 Turn Pair, and Memory Pair.
3 Tetris Family: 12-in-1 RCM Group 1991
4 12-in-1 Hwang Shinwei Unknown Unknown Contains: Magic Jewelry, Tengen Tetris (credited as Tetris II), Chinese Chess, Dr. Mario, Taiwan Mahjong 16 (credited as Taiwan Mahjon), Gomoku Narabe Renju (credited as Five Chess), Block Force, Hayauchi Super Igo (credited as Chess), Arkanoid (credited as Super Arkanoid), Flipull, Super Mario Bros. (credited as Super Mario II), and Tank 1990.