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Hwang Yun-gil, also known as Hwang Yun'gil, was a Korean diplomat and ambassador. He was a member of the Western faction in the Joseon court.[1] He represented Joseon interests in a tongsinsa (diplomatic mission or corresponding envoys) to Sengoku period in Japan when it was controlled by strongman Toyotomi Hideyoshi.[2]

1590 mission to Japan[edit]

In 1590-1591, King Seonjo of Joseon sent a mission to Japan led by Hwang Yun-gil, accompanied by Kim Seong-il and Heo Seong.[3] The chronology of this diplomatic embassy encompassed:

  • September 1589 (22nd year of King Seonjo's rule: Gimi year): Dispatch of tongsinsa to Japan decided upon by the Joseon court.[3]
  • March 1590 (23rd year of King Seonjo's rule: Gyeongin year): The tongsinsa were sent to Japan.[3]
  • January 1591 (24th year of King Seonjo's rule: Sinmyo year): Hwang Yun-gil and others returned the port Busan.[3]

A diplomatic mission conventionally consisted of three primary figures—the main envoy, the vice-envoy, and a document official. Also included were one or more official writers or recorders who created a detailed account of the mission.[4] In 1607, Hwang Yun-gil was the main envoy; and he was accompanied by Kim Sŏng-il, who was the vice-ambassador, and Hŏ Son, who was the document official.[5]

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