Hwangju County

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Hwangju County
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja 黃州郡
 • McCune-Reischauer Hwangju-gun
 • Revised Romanization Hwangju-gun
Location of Hwangju County
Country North Korea
Province North Hwanghae Province
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 28 ri
Population (2008)
 • Total 155,215

Hwangju County is a county in North Hwanghae province, North Korea.


Hwangju is bordered to the northwest by Sariwŏn, to the northeast by Songrim and Kangnam, to the southwest by Yŏnt'an, to the south by Pongsan, and to the southeast by Ŭnch'ŏn


During the Joseon Dynasty, Hwangju was one of the most important cities in the area, leading to the first character of its name to be used in naming North Hwanghae Province. In 1930 its importance increased when Songrim, then a township of Hwangju County, was promoted to town status and renamed Kyomipo (Kenjiho in Japanese). There, the Japanese built a flourishing steel plant, which brought much prosperity to Hwangju. In 1947 Songrim was separated from Hwangju and made a city; since then, the county has been mostly agricultural.


Kumchon had a fairly severe climate, with an average temperature of 10.2 degrees. Inland, the average January temperature is -7 degrees, while the average August temperature is 25.6 degrees. The county receives an average of 1,100mm of rain per year.


The county is served by the Pyongbu Railway Line, which stops in at Hwangju Station. There is also a highway which runs through Hwangju Town.


The county is divided into one town (ŭp) and 14 villages (ri). [1]

Chosŏn'gŭl Hancha
Hwangju Town 황주읍
Changch'ŏn-ri 장천리
Changsa-ri 장사리
Ch'imch'on-ri 침촌리
Ch'ŏlto-ri 철도리
Ch'ŏngryong-ri 청룡리
Ch'ŏngun-ri 청운리
Ch'ŏnju-ri 천주리
Hukkyo-ri 흑교리
Inp'o-ri 인포리
Koyŏn-ri 고연리
Kŭmsŏk-ri 금석리
Kup'o-ri 구포리
Kwangch'ŏn-ri 광천리
Naewe-ri 내외리
Oesang-ri 외상리
P'onam-ri 포남리
Ryongch'ŏn-ri 룡천리
Ryonggung-ri 룡궁리
Samhun-ri 삼훈리
Samjŏn-ri 삼전리
Samjŏng-ri 삼정리
Sinsang-ri 신상리
Sokjŏng-ri 석정리
Sŏksan-ri 석산리
Sŏnbong-ri 선봉리
Sunch'ŏn-ri 순천리
Taedong-ri 대동리
Unsŏng-ri 운성리

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