Hwangseong Park

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Hwangseong Park
Korea-Gyeongju-Gyeongju Municipal Library at Hwangseong Park-01.jpg
Gyeongju Municipal Library at Hwangseong Park
Korean name
Hangul 황성공원
Hanja 皇城公園
Revised Romanization Hwangseong gongwon
McCune–Reischauer Hwangsŏng kongwŏn

The Hwangseong Park is a park located in the neighborhood of Hwangseong-dong, Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang province, South Korea. Many of public sport facilities are located in the park with an area of 1,022,350㎡ including a luxuriant pine trees forest.[1][2] The site is originally where Doksan was situated, an artificial forest established in regards to feng shui during the Silla period. The Doksan forest was used as a training place for hwarang warriors, and a recreation venue as well as a hunting place for the Silla Kings, especially the 26th ruler, King Jinpyeong's favorite place.[3][4] Since 1975, Hwangseong Park has been designated as "city neighborhood park" and currently consists of multi-purposed Gyeongju Public Stadium, Football Park with 7 football fields and one futsal field, and one gymnasium, as well as Horimjang field for gukgung or Korean traditional archery and a ssireum wrestling ring.[5] In addition, it contains a gateball field, an inline skating rink, jogging courses, and cycling roads.[6] Among them, the construction of Gyeongju Public Stadium was completed in 1982.[7][8] and can accommodate 20,000 audience.[1]


  • Sports
    • Gyeongju Public Stadium
    • Gyeongju Gymnasium
    • Gyeongju Football Park
    • Horimjeong - gukgung (Korean traditional archery) field,
    • Ssrieum wrestling ring- Ssireum
    • Gateball field
    • Inline skating rink
    • Jogging courses
    • Bicycling roads
  • Memorials and monuments
  • Gyeongju Municipal Library
  • Hwangseong-dong resident office



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