Hwaseong Stadium

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Hwaseong Stadium
Hwaseong Stadium (sports hall).jpg
Location 539, Doi-ri, Hwaseong, South Korea
Capacity 35,270
Opened October 1, 2011
2014 Asian Games
Hwaseong FC (2013–present)

Hwaseong Sports Complex(Korean: 화성종합경기타운) is a group of sports facilities in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea. The complex consists of the Hwaseong Stadium, Hwaseong Indoor Arena.


Hwaseong Stadium[edit]

The Hwaseong Stadium, part of the Hwaseong Sports Complex, is a multi-use stadium in Hwaseong, South Korea. Completed in 2011, it will be used mostly for football matches. The stadium was designed with a capacity of 35,270 spectators. Also hosted a GEPIK teacher's conference in October, 2011.

Hwaseong Indoor Arena[edit]

Hwaseong Indoor Arena, one of the part of Hwaseong Sports Complex, is used as the home gymnasium of Hwaseong IBK Altos, the volleyball team of V-League, since 2011.


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