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Hwyl Nofio
OriginUnited Kingdom
GenresExperimental, industrial, avant-garde, drone
Years active1997–present
Fourier Transform
MembersSteve Parry
Past membersTrevor Stainsby
Sandor Szabo
Fredrik Soegaard
Balazs Major
Gorwel Owen,
Mark Beazley

Hwyl Nofio (from Welsh meaning 'swimming fun') is an experimental music group whose only permanent member is Steve Parry.[1] Steve Parry was born 4 September 1958 in Pontypool, South Wales Valleys, UK

Band history[edit]

Formed in 1997, Hwyl Nofios' approach touches on various diverse styles and genres,[2] including, industrial music, drone, ambient and noise. Hwyl Nofio is an evolving ensemble based around its originator Steve Parry, who previously had been a founding member of the Surrealist music group Neu Electrikk[3] and also worked with Matt Johnson of The The and Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound.[4] Hwyl Nofio referred to the approach as a marriage of dilemmas being resolved in another space whereby the music explores and exploits an ongoing collision between harmony and disharmony. Hwyl Nofios' influences include The Velvet Underground, Neu, Jimi Hendrix, John Cage and Harry Partch, The band has over the years has consisted of Steve Parry avant-garde guitarist and multi-instrumentalist with Trevor Stainsby (producer/engineer/guitar/keyboards), Sandor Szabo (guitars/processing), Fredrik Soegaard (fractal guitarist), Balazs Major (percussion), Mark Beazley (bass/effects) of instrumental ambient group Rothko (band), and Gorwel Owen (banjo /processing).[5] 2012 – Hwyl Nofio released "DARK",[6] a project that evoked a landscape wrought from personal experience, magnifying visual and aural dialogues to transcend the specifics of its origin. The project provided tangible evidence of this landscape in an accompanying book that inculcate the listener into a world of chilling folk myths and the resonances of family histories, as well as timely references to the legacies of surrealist filmmaker and poet Jane Arden (director) and the novelist Bruce Chatwin.[7]

Installations and performance art[edit]

Parry has had an interest in ambiguity and perception. In 2016 he was commissioned to create a sound/visual installation – "The Beholder's Share". The installation was a play on perception where the ambiguity in the piece elicits both a conscious and unconscious process of recognition in the observer, who responds emotionally and emphatically to the work in terms of their own life experience, therefore the artist creates the work based on their own personal sensory information and the beholder re-creates it by responding to its inherent ambiguity and makes it personal to them. His installation was exhibited at the Art Market in York.[8]


Compilation albums[edit]

  • The Wire Tapper 15 (Various Artists)(Hwyl Nofio) track (Broken Again);CD )[12]
  • Brave New Wales (Various Artists) (Fourier Transform, 2008;CD box set)

Unreleased, limited edition and promo-only albums[edit]

The following full-length albums have never seen commercial release. Despite their unavailability on disc, they are included in almost every official discography issued by the band.

  • "From Elevated Gangways Rivers of Molten Metal Flow" (Promo-only, 2008);CD

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  • [1] Hwyl Nofio Official Website