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Hyaena Gallery
Facade of Hyaena Gallery with owner and artists
Artists gather outside Hyaena Gallery for a book signing (L to R) artist Spinestealer, owner Bill Shafer, Public Access star Francine Dancer, author and illustrator Lorin Morgan-Richards, and magician Joseph Schneider. Burbank, California, 2010.
LocationBurbank, California
1928 W Olive Ave

Hyaena Gallery is located in Burbank, California with a specialty in macabre, low-brow and outsider art.

Owner Bill Shafer began the gallery in 2005[1] and has since won accolades for Best Darks Arts Gallery (2011) and Best Spooky Emporium (2012)[2] as well as received national attention for celebrity related shows such as for Charlie Sheen in 2011,[3] internationally artist participated tribute shows[4][5][6] and hosting unique museum exhibits, including one for the late Rozz Williams curated by A Raven Above Press.[7][8]

The Hyaena Gallery is notable for its permanent exhibition of horror related film pieces and artwork made by serial killers.[9] Shafer curates to "highlight what I think is truly valuable, not just what is perceived as valuable because it is a current trend."[10]


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