Hyalomma marginatum

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Hyalomma marginatum
Hyalomma marginatum.jpg
Specimen in alcohol
Scientific classification
H. marginatum
Binomial name
Hyalomma marginatum
Koch 1844

Hyalomma marginatum is a hard-bodied tick found on birds including the pale crag martin. This tick has been implicated in the transmission of Bahig virus, a pathogenic arbovirus previously thought to be transmitted only by mosquitoes.[1]

The Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever virus has also been detected in ticks of this type removed from migratory birds in Morocco.[2]

Hyalomma marginatum marginatum is a subspecies.[3] The subspecies is typically found in northern African, southern Europe and some parts of Asia. It was also identified in Germany in 2006.[4]


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