Hyannisport Railroad Station

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Hyannisport Railroad Station
Hyannis wharf.jpg
Hyannisport Wharf and station, 1905
Location Hyannisport Wharf, Hyannisport
Coordinates 41°38′00.17″N 70°17′20.78″W / 41.6333806°N 70.2891056°W / 41.6333806; -70.2891056
Line(s) Old Colony Railroad
Platforms Yes
Other information
Status demolished
Opened 1850s

The Hyannisport Railroad Station was located on the Hyannisport Wharf in Hyannisport, Massachusetts.[1] The station was originally part of the Cape Cod Railroad, and later part of the Old Colony Railroad after 1872. In 1893 it became part of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad as part of their lease of the entire Old Colony Railroad network. The station was originally built as a connection to the Nantucket ferries.

It was razed in the 1930s as Hyannis Harbor became the main port for Hyannis.[2] Old Colony Boulevard now runs along the former route of the tracks. The station itself was located at the end of a wharf near what is now the end of Harbor Road. The remnants of the wharf remain.[3]

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