Hybrid Tango

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Hybrid Tango
Studio album by Tanghetto
Released December 10, 2004 (2004-12-10)
Genre Tango, electronica, world music, jazz
Label Constitution Music
Producer Max Masri, Diego S. Velázquez
Tanghetto chronology
Emigrante (electrotango)
Hybrid Tango
Tangophobia Vol. 1

Hybrid Tango is a side project by the members of Buenos Aires-based electronic neo-tango band Tanghetto.

Released in December 2004, Hybrid Tango contains twelve instrumental tracks in which, apart from the blend of electronic music and tango that is the distinctive sound of Tanghetto, there are plenty of world-music styles such as flamenco, candombe, and jazz. Acoustic sounds (bandoneón, piano, guitar, cello, and even the Chinese stringed instrument, the erhu) are more predominant than in Tanghetto's debut album Emigrante (Electrotango). The album was produced by Max Masri and coproduced by Diego S. Velázquez.

The album was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2005 and reached gold status in Argentina.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Más de lo mismo (More of the same) [4:58]
  2. Barrio Sur [4:45]
  3. Calles de Piedra (Streets of stone) [3:30]
  4. Lo que nunca fue (Something that never was) [4:30]
  5. El Deseo (The Desire) [4:38]
  6. El Duelo (The Mourning) [3:30]
  7. Tangocrisis [3:53]
  8. Sombra (Shadow) [3:58]
  9. La Muerte del Prejuicio (Death of a prejudice) [4:10]
  10. El Solitario (The Lonely One) [4:30]
  11. Miedo a Vivir (Afraid to live) [4:04]
  12. Sálvese quien pueda (Women and children first) [3:33]


Max Masri: synths, piano and programming
Diego S. Velázquez: guitars, synths, piano and programming
Chao Xu: violoncello, erhu
Daniel Ruggiero: bandoneón
Hugo Satorre: bandoneón
Gabriel Clenar: piano
Matias Novelle: drums and percussion
Diego Tejedor: violin
Jeremy S. Stewart: bass, double bass
Aníbal Jaunarena: clarinet
Isabel Martínez: flute
Alejandro Kuntelman: fender rhodes piano

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