Hybris (computer worm)

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Common name Hybris
Technical name W95/Hybris-mm
Aliases Snow White, Hahaha
Family Hybris
Classification Worm
Type Mass-mailer
Subtype Win32 worm
Isolation September 2001
Point of origin Brazil
Author(s) Vecna

Hybris, also known as Snow White, Vecna.22528, and Full Moon, is a computer worm believed to be written by Brazilian virus writer Vecna, member of the computer virus writing group 29A. It first appeared in September 2000 and became more common in January 2001.

Hybris typically comes from an email that appears to be from hahaha@sexyfun.net. Malicious "plug-ins" enhanced Hybris's functionality to include various other e-mail types. Other plugin functionalities include a spinning "wheel of hypnosis."

The name Hybris originates from the text within the virus: "HYBRIS" "(c) Vecna".

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