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Hyderabad City Police
MottoFreedom from Fear Forever[1]
Agency overview
Formed28 March 1847; 173 years ago (1847-03-28)
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionHyderabad, Telangana, India
Hyderabad City Police is located in Telangana
Hyderabad City Police
Hyderabad City Police (Telangana)
Size650 sq.kms
Population9.7 million
Legal jurisdictionHyderabad Metropolitan Region
Operational structure
HeadquartersHyderabad, Telangana
Agency executive
Parent agencyTelangana Police
Hyderabad City Police

Hyderabad City Police is the local law enforcement agency for the city of Hyderabad, Telangana and is headed by the city police commissioner or the Kotwal. The city police traces its origins to 1847 under Hyderabad State.[2]



The Nizam of Hyderabad used to appoint the Commissioners of Police who were officers of the Hyderabad Civil Service and they used to function during his pleasure. They were answerable to the Nizam directly on various matters of policing in Hyderabad city. However, as far as administrative matters were concerned the Commissioner of Police used to correspond with the Home Department directly. The Commissioner of Police was popularly called as "Kotwal" and was responsible for the maintenance of the law and order, prevention and detection of crime, etc.[2]


Due to rapid increase in population, there has been a steady increase in crime. In view of the above in 1981 the City Police was re-organised, vide G.O.Ms.No.341, Home (Pol.D) Department, dated: 1981-05-30. The following structure was instituted:

  • The disciplinary and administrative control of the force is held by the Commissioner of Police, having powers and functions of Additional District Magistrate.
  • The city was divided into 5 zones: Hyderabad South, Hyderabad East, Hyderabad west, Hyderabad central & Hyderabad North, the 4 zones were again divided into 12 divisions. Each Zone is under the in charge of a Deputy Commissioner of Police (D.C.P.) of the rank of Superintendent of Police for maintenance of Law and Order, Criminal Investigation and keeping up the morale of the force.
  • Each Division is under the care of an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police, who works under the control of DCP. He is responsible for prevention and detection of crimes, maintenance of L&O and discipline of the force.
  • Each Police station is under the care of Inspector of Police who is the Station House Officer(S.H.O) and performs all the duties and exercises all the powers of the S.H.O.
  • The city crimes station was renamed as "Detective Department" which works under the D.C.P.,assisted by ACPs and Inspectors.
  • In 1992, the Government of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned 3 Joint Commissioner of Police posts in the rank of Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G.) to assist the Commissioner of Police for effective functioning and better administration of City Police each in-charge of Co-ordination, Crimes and Security.
  • One Sub-Inspector of Police was to be placed in charge of Law and Order duties and another for Crime duties for each Police Station. A Divisional Detective inspector for each Division was provided for. In order to achieve this functional division it was proposed in the scheme to increases the number of posts of Sub-Inspectors and Head Constables and decrease the number of posts of Police Constables.

Current structure[edit]

Currently the Hyderabad City Police has 5 Zones.

  • Central Zone, P Viswa Prasad, IPS
  • West Zone, A.R.Srinivas, IPS
  • North Zone, Kalmeshwar Shingenavar, IPS
  • South Zone,Sri Ambar Kishor Jha, IPS
  • East Zone, M Ramesh, IPS

Online presence[edit]

Hyderabad Police has launched Facebook pages for the police stations in Hyderabad on 16-Dec-2014. The pages can be used by the general public to report grievances.[3]

Special agencies[edit]

  • Intelligence Unit
  • Commando Force
  • Security Battalion

Non Profit Organisations on Cyber Safety[edit]

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