Hyderabad International Film Festival

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The Hyderabad International Film Festival (HIFF) is a film festival in Hyderabad, India.


The objective of the HIFF is to provide common platform for the filmmakers of the world to project their excellence of the film art contributing to understand and appreciate film cultures of different nations in the contest of their social and cultural ethics and promoting cooperation among the world's population. In this context, it believes in the dictum "Vasudeika Kutumbakam" ("The entire world is one family").

First Festival[edit]

The First Hyderabad International Film Festival was held at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India from 23–29 March 2007.[citation needed]

The Hyderabad Film Club, A.P. Film Directors' Association and Films Anonymous organized HIFF as an extension of their activities, which provides a unique opportunity to film lovers of this region of watching some of the greatest works that are being produced in the world.

Second Festival[edit]

The Second Hyderabad International Film Festival was held from 3 January 2008 to 10 January 2008. It was organised by Hyderabad Film Club and Telugu Film Directors' Association at Prasads Multiplex, Hyderabad.