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Places of the hydrogen link

The Hydrogen link network in Denmark was established in 2005 by the Nordic Transportpolitical Network to form a hydrogen highway with hydrogen Sweden and hynor as part of the Scandinavian hydrogen highway partnership.[1]

The planned highway is part of the hydrogen infrastructure. Two hydrogen re-fueling stations are open for public use in Denmark, and four more are planned, .[2][3]

Two hydrogen vehicles, the Hyundai ix35 FCEV and Toyota Mirai, have been announced for public distribution in 2015, but only a few dozen are expected to be sold or leased in Europe in 2015.

Public stations[edit]

City Location
Aalborg Scheduled to open in 2015[2]
Copenhagen-1 Open[3] - electrolysis of water 55°38′48″N 12°32′28″E / 55.646773°N 12.540976°E / 55.646773; 12.540976
Copenhagen-2 Scheduled to open in 2015[2] 55°42′58″N 12°32′18″E / 55.716016°N 12.538281°E / 55.716016; 12.538281
Copenhagen-3 Scheduled to open in 2015[2] 55°44′45″N 12°30′33″E / 55.745771°N 12.509147°E / 55.745771; 12.509147
Holstebro Open 56°21′31″N 8°36′04″E / 56.358588°N 8.601123°E / 56.358588; 8.601123
Vejle Scheduled to open in 2015[2] 55°43′36″N 9°34′33″E / 55.726538°N 9.5759206°E / 55.726538; 9.5759206

Closed stations[edit]

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