Hydrogen thioperoxide

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Hydrogen thioperoxide
Hydrogen thioperoxide.png
Other names
Sulfenic acid
Molar mass 50.08 g·mol−1
Related compounds
Related compounds
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Hydrogen thioperoxide, also called oxadisulfane, is the chemical with the structure H–S–O–H. It can be considered as the simple sulfur-substituted analog of the common hydrogen peroxide (H–O–O–H) chemical, and as the simplest hydrogen chalcogenide containing more than one type of chalcogen. The chemical has been described as the "missing link" between hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen disulfide (H–S–S–H),[1] though it is substantially less stable than either of the other two. It has a gauche conformation.[2] It is the inorganic parent structure of the sulfenic acid class of organic compounds (R–S–O–H) and also the oxadisulfide linkage (R1–S–O–R2), where "R" is any organic structure.

Hydrogen thioperoxide has been synthesized in labs by photolysis of a mixture of ozone and hydrogen sulfide frozen in argon at 8 K[3] and by pyrolysis of ditert-butyl-sulfoxide.[1][4]


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