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Hydrogen water is water infused with hydrogen that proponents claim[citation needed] has health benefits such as reducing inflammation and acting as an antioxidant. In Japan, hydrogen water is known as as Shin'nooru solution [ja].[1] There is no scientific consensus that hydrogen water has any health benefits.[1][2]


Hydrogen water is made by infusing gaseous molecular hydrogen into water under pressure. Clinical trial methodology sections mention 7.0 mg per liter of water. There is also research on inhalation treatment, with the inhaled gas up to 4.6% hydrogen, and intravenous treatment with a hydrogen-containing saline solution. Results from those types of trials would not be relevant to treatment with orally consumed hydrogen water.[citation needed]

Health claims[edit]

A number of experts including nutritionists, dermatologists, medical scholars, and dietitians are skeptical of claimed health benefits from drinking hydrogen water.[2][3]


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