Hyeonjeong non

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Hyeonjeong non
Hangul 현정론
Hanja 顯正論
Revised Romanization Hyeongjeongnon
McCune–Reischauer Hyŏngjŏngnon

Hyeonjeong non (English: Exposition of the Correct) was an essay written at the beginning of the Joseon period, defending Buddhism against the attacks of a rising antagonistic Neo-Confucian movement. It was written in a single fascicle, by the Korean Buddhist monk Gihwa (1376-1433).

Gihwa argues that: (1) the fundamental values of the three teachings are not different, especially at the level of considering all beings in the universe to be interconnected, but that, (2) when it comes to actualizing this vital truth, Buddhism is superior, as it is the only one of the three religions which clearly and specifically disallows the harming of other beings.

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