Hyewon pungsokdo

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Hyewon pungsokdo
혜원풍속도 or 혜원풍속도첩
Revised RomanizationHyewon pungsokdo or Hyewon pungsokdocheop
McCune–ReischauerHyewŏn p'ungsokto or Hyewŏn p'ungsoktoch'ŏp

Hyewon pungsokdo is an album of the genre paintings (pungsokhwa or pungsokdo) drawn by the Korean painter Shin Yunbok during the late Joseon dynasty. It was named after Shin's pen name, Hyewon, and comprises 30 paintings in total.

In 1930, Jeon Hyeopil (전형필:全鎣弼), later the founder of the Gansong Art Museum, purchased it from an antique dealer in Osaka, Japan and newly mounted the album. Oh Sechang (오세창), who was a journalist and pro-independence activist, wrote the subtitles and postface for the album. Hyewon pungsokdo is designated as the 135th National Treasure of South Korea and is held in the collection of the Gansong Art Museum located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea.


Entertainment (7)[edit]

Picture Title Korean title Description
Hyewon-Ssanggeum.daemu.jpg Dancing together with two swords 쌍검대무(雙劍對舞) Two kisaeng are performing geommu(sword dance)
Hyewon-Sangchun.yaheung.jpg An amusing day in a spring field 상춘야흥 (賞春野興)
Hyewon-Cheonggeum.sangryeon.jpg Resounding geomungo, praiseworthy lotus 청금상련 (廳琴賞蓮), 혹은 연당야유 (蓮塘野遊)
Hyewon-Juyu.cheonggang.jpg A boat party on the clean river 주유청강 (舟遊淸江)
Hyewon-Napryang.manheung.jpg Entertainment for summering 납량만흥 (納凉漫興)
Hyewon-Ssanguk.sammae.jpg Absorbing in the ssangyuk play 쌍육삼매(雙六三昧) Ssangyuk is a Korean traditional game similar to chess.
Hyewon-Imha.tuho-01.jpg Playing tuho under the forest 임하투호(林下投壺) Tuhoo is a Korean traditional competing game similar to darts. Players draw an arrow into a vase.

Gibang (5)[edit]

Picture Title Korean title Description
Hyewon-Gibang.musa.jpg Nothing happens in the gibang chamber 기방무사 (妓房無事)
Hyewon-Cheongru.soil.jpg Whiling away the hours at a cheongru 청루소일(靑樓消日)
Hyewon-Hongru.daeju-c01.jpg Waiting for drinks being served at a hongru 홍루대주 (紅樓待酒)
Hyewon-Jusa.geobae.jpg Holding a drinking party 주사거배 (酒肆擧盃)
Hyewon-Yugwak.jaengung.jpg Who will be the hero at the brothel? 유곽쟁웅 (遊廓爭雄)

Daily life (6)[edit]

Picture Title Korean title Description
Hyewon-Dano.pungjeong.jpg A scenery on Dano day 단오풍정 (端午風情)
Hyewon-Gyebeon.gahwa.jpg A story of a street by a stream 계변가화 (溪邊街話)
Hyewon-Jeongbyeon.yahwa.jpg Gossiping at the well at night 정변야화 (井邊夜話)
Hyewon-Nosang.takbal.jpg Monks asking for alms on the street 노상탁발 (路上托鉢)
Hyewon-Pyomo.bongsim.jpg A woman washing a laundry meets the seeker 표모봉심 (漂母逢尋)
Hyewon-Munyeo.sinmu.jpg The dance of a shaman 무녀신무 (巫女神舞)

Meeting (5)[edit]

Picture Title Korean title Description
Hyewon-Yeonso.dapcheong.jpg Young people's outgoing 연소답청 (年少踏靑) The picture illustrates a scenery of Hanryang(man-about-town) flirting with Kisaeng on the street in spring.
Hyewon-Hugi.dappung.jpg Leading a Kisaeng, passing on the red leaves 휴기답풍 (携妓踏楓)
Hyewon-Munjong.simsa.jpg Finding the temple after hearing a bell sound. 문종심사(聞鍾尋寺)
Hyewon-Iseung.yeonggi.jpg A Buddhist nun (biguni) greeting a gisaeng 이승영기(尼僧迎妓)
Hyewon-Nojung.sangbong.jpg Running into each other on the street 노중상봉(路中相逢)

Lovers (5)[edit]

Picture Title Korean title Description
Hyewon-Chunsaek.manwon.jpg Spring mood covers all the places 춘색만원 (春色滿園)
Hyewon-Sonyeon.jeonhong.jpg A young boy plucking an azalea 소년전홍 (少年剪紅)
Hyewon-Wolha-jeongin-2.jpg The lovers under the moon 월하정인(月下情人)
Hyewon-Weolha.milhoe.jpg A secret meeting under the moon 월야밀회 (月夜密會)
Hyewon-Yageum.mohaeng.jpg A secret trip at night 야금모행(夜禁冒行)

Lust (2)[edit]

Picture Title Korean title Description
Hyewon-Ibu.tamchun.jpg A widow's lust in spring 이부탐춘 (嫠婦耽春)
Hyewon-Samchu.gayeon.jpg A beautiful tie between the tree in autumn 삼추가연(三秋佳緣)

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