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Hyggen on the east side of Drammensfjorden

Hyggen is a small village in Røyken municipality, Buskerud county, Norway.


Hyggen is a coastal village located along the east side of Drammensfjord. Hyggen is 4 km from Røyken, 13.7 km from Drammen and 40.6 km from Oslo. The village had 739 residents as of 1 January 2014. Hyggen was previously best known for its granite quarry. Today it is most associated with the cultivation of fruits and berries. Hyggen has both a marina and a beach. It offers short distances to recreational areas, as well as the hiking trails. [1] [2] [3]


The oldest written reference to Hyggen is from Aslak Bolts jordebok (1432–1433) a register of properties and incomes of the Archdiocese of Nidaros. The name has evolved over time; in 1400 Heggenni, Heggiunne and Hæggenne, Hegginna, in 1512 Hegien gorden, in 1617 Heggind and in 1723 Hyggen. The name Hyggen probably comes from the Old Norse Heggvin (Norwegian: Hegg) a reference to the bird cherry, a tree native to northern Europe. In his book Røyken Bygd – før og nu (1928), Oluf Rygh offered an alternative suggesting it was named after a small stream called Heggja or rather Hegg. [4]



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Coordinates: 59°43′N 10°21′E / 59.717°N 10.350°E / 59.717; 10.350