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Rough leaf frogs
Hylomantis lemur - Lemur leaf frog.jpg
Lemur leaf frog (Hylomantis lemur)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Hylidae
Genus: Hylomantis
Peters, 1873

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Hylomantis is a genus of tree frogs, the rough leaf frogs. Until 2005, only two species were placed in this genus, but following a major revision of the Hylidae family [1], six species previously placed in Phyllomedusa were moved here. However, a 2010 revision [2] suggested that the genus was paraphyletic, removing four of those species (Agalychnis aspera, A. granulosa, A. hulli, and A. lemur. However, the database AmphibiaWeb still recognizes aspera and granulosa as belonging in the genus Hylomantis.


Binomial name and Author Common name
Hylomantis aspera * Peters, 1873 Rough leaf frog
Hylomantis buckleyi (Boulenger, 1882) Warty leaf frog
Hylomantis danieli (Ruiz-Carranza, Hernández-Camacho, & Rueda-Almonacid, 1988) Antioquia leaf frog
Hylomantis granulosa * (Cruz, 1989) Granular leaf frog
Hylomantis lemur (Boulenger, 1882) Lemur leaf frog
Hylomantis medinai (Funkhouser, 1962) Rancho Grande leaf frog
Hylomantis psilopygion (Cannatella, 1980) Flecked leaf frog
  • considered by some to belong in the genus Agalychnis

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