Hylotelephium spectabile

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Hylotelephium spectabile
Sedum spectabile - blossom top (aka).jpg
Scientific classification
H. spectabile
Binomial name
Hylotelephium spectabile
  • Sedum spectabile Boreau
  • Sedum telephium var. kirinense Kom.

Hylotelephium spectabile (formerly called Sedum spectabile) is a species of flowering plant in the stonecrop family Crassulaceae, native to China and Korea. Its common names include showy stonecrop,[2] ice plant,[3] and butterfly stonecrop.[4] Growing to 45 cm (18 in) tall and broad, it is an herbaceous perennial with alternate, simple, toothed leaves on erect, unbranched succulent stems. The star-shaped pink flowers are borne in flat cymes 15 cm (6 in) across, in fall (autumn).[5]

The specific epithet spectabile means "showy".[6]

This plant is valued in cultivation as drought-tolerant groundcover.[citation needed] Numerous cultivars have been produced. The species[7] and the cultivar 'Brilliant'[8] have both gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.


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