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Hyman Judah Schachtel[1] (1907–1990) was Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel of Houston from 1943 to 1975. From 1975-1990 He served as Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Beth Israel of Houston He also served the Houston Jewish community as "rabbi-at-large" for the remainder of his life. On January 20, 1965, Rabbi Schachtel delivered the inaugural prayer for President Lyndon B. Johnson in Washington, D.C..[2]

Rabbi Schachtel's published a number of books. The often quoted thought, "Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have," was originally written in his book, The Real Enjoyment Of Living (1954).[3] Among his other published works are The Life You Want To Live[4] (1956), The Shadowed Valley (1962),[5] and How To Meet The Challenge Of Life And Death (1980).[6]


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