Hyogong of Silla

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Hyogong of Silla
Hangul 효공왕
Hanja 孝恭王
Revised Romanization Hyogong wang
McCune–Reischauer Hyogong wang
Birth name
Hangul 김요
Hanja 金嶢
Revised Romanization Gim Yo
McCune–Reischauer Kim Yo

Hyogong of Silla (883–912) (r. 897–912) was the 52nd ruler of the Korean kingdom of Silla. He was the illegitimate son of King Heongang by Lady Uimyeong. He married the daughter of Ichan Ugyeom. His reign saw the expansion of Later Three Kingdoms powers Taebong and Hubaekje across what had once been the western marches of Unified Silla.

In 905, Silla lost its holdings to the northeast of Jungnyeong pass. In 907, Gyeon Hwon's Hubaekje forces seized ten castles to the south of Ilseon. Faced with these defeats, the king turned to drink and neglected state affairs. Upon his death in 912, he was buried to the north of Sajasa temple.

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Hyogong of Silla
Born: 883 Died: 912
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Silla
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