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A 15th-century Russian icon of St. Hypatius from the Hypatian Monastery

Saint Hypatius the Wonderworker, Hypatius of Gangra (Ὑπάτιος Γαγγρῶν) – Hieromartyr; titular Bishop of Gangra, Asia Minor; present at the First Ecumenical Council where he supported Saint Athanasius the Great against the Arian heresy. The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates him on March 31[1] and Roman Catholic Church celebrates him on 14 November.[2]

There is not much information about his life. On the road from Constantinople to Gangra in year 326, followers of Novatus and Felicissimus attacked him in a desolate place, and threw him into a muddy swamp. A woman who was amongst the attackers, struck him on the head with a rock – delivering a killing blow. Immediately after, she went mad, and started hitting herself with the same stone. She was healed only after they brought her back to the Saint's burial place.

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The saint's body was found by some Christians who ran to the city of Gangra, and the inhabitants of the city came and buried the Saint – their beloved Archpriest. After his death, the relics of the Saint were famous for numerous miracles. For that reason, he is called a Wonderworker.

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