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Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Sub Pop Records
Released October 1, 1996
Recorded 1980–1996
Genre Grunge
Punk rock
Length 61:31
Label Sub Pop
Producer Jack Endino
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]

Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of the Seattle music scene documentary Hype!. It was released in 1996 in conjunction with the film. Included are songs from the more memorable bands which appeared or were mentioned in the film.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "K Street" (Live) Fastbacks 2:59
2. "Return of the Rat" Wipers 2:37
3. "Dig It a Hole" U-Men 2:17
4. "Swallow My Pride" (Demo) Green River 2:44
5. "Nothing to Say" Soundgarden 3:56
6. "Touch Me I'm Sick" (Live) Mudhoney 2:18
7. "Negative Creep" Nirvana 2:53
8. "Mousetrap" (Live) Some Velvet Sidewalk 2:05
9. "54/40" (Live) Dead Moon 4:03
10. "My Hometown" Girl Trouble 3:32
11. "Giant Killer" Tad 3:02
12. "Hotcakes" (7" version) Gas Huffer 2:31
13. "Low Beat" Young Fresh Fellows 2:30
14. "I Say Fuck" (Live) Supersuckers 0:46
15. "Knot" (Live) 7 Year Bitch 3:42
16. "Second Skin" (Live) The Gits 3:07
17. "Julie Francavilla" (Demo) Flop 2:04
18. "Throwaway" (Live) The Posies 3:34
19. "Not for You" (Live on Radio) Pearl Jam 5:12
20. "The River Rise" Mark Lanegan 3:56
21. "Fire's Coming Down" Pigeonhed 4:23
22. "Just Say" Fastbacks 2:32
23. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Instrumental) Sara DeBell 1:51
Total length: 61:31