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Hype Williams
Years active2005 (allegedly)–present[5]
  • Denna Frances Glass
  • Slaughter
  • Silvermane
Past members

Hype Williams is a music and art group best known for consisting of UK-born artist Dean Blunt and Russian-born artist Inga Copeland (aka Lolina) between 2007 and 2012.[5] Supposedly founded in 2005 as a "relay" project passed between artists every five years, the group has given few interviews, leaving music journalists and the media in doubt as to the exact nature of the project.[2][5]

Background, style and career[edit]

The group's work encompasses widely experimental music releases marked by a lo-fi sound, including their 2011 album One Nation on Hippos in Tanks, and distinctive video pieces, including the defunct YouTube channel pollyjacobsen, which featured a bizarrely cryptic range of content.[1] Their work has drawn irreverently on popular culture and incorporated opaque imagery and contexts,[5] as well as an idiosyncratic online presence.[5] In 2011 they were signed to Hyperdub.[5]

The group's lineup has remained obscure, although Blunt's artistic style has been heard within newer releases, and a variety of other names have also been invoked as members. A mysterious representative named Denna Frances Glass has alternately been posited as either the manager of the project or a fake identity created by Blunt and Copeland.[2][5] In 2016, Glass announced that Blunt and Copeland were no longer part of the project, which would be continuing with other members.[6]


  • Improv (2009, self-released) (with Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band)
  • Infinity (2010, self-released) (with Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band)
  • Untitled (2010, Carnival)
  • Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Gettin Reel (2010, De Stijl)
  • One Nation (2011, Hippos in Tanks)
  • London 2012 (2012, self-released)
  • 10 / 10 (2016, self-released)
  • Guccistreams 2 (2017, self-released)
  • Chalice (2017, self-released)
  • Rainbow Edition (2017, Big Dada)


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