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HyperEdit icon
HyperEdit screenshot
HyperEdit running on Mac OS X v10.4.
Developer(s) Jonathan Deutsch, Tumult, Co.
Stable release
1.6 / April 30, 2008
Operating system Mac OS X
Type HTML editor
License Shareware
Website www.tumultco.com/HyperEdit/

HyperEdit is an application for Apple's Mac OS X developed by Jonathan Deutsch.

The software is primarily targeted at Web developers, combining a HTML (including CSS), PHP and JavaScript editor in one lightweight program. Like many similar programs, it offers (customizable) syntax highlighting for the aforementioned weblanguages. This increases the legibility of code, due to changes in color and/or font.

Some notable features include: W3C validation (underlines mistakes in red), JavaScript debugger, code snippets, color swatches palette, StartUp Items (to load specific documents on start-up) and live preview. The latter feature is considered particularly useful, because this enables the user to view the webpage while typing. This works for both HTML (with JavaScript, if enabled in Safari) and PHP sites on Mac OS X 10.3 and above.

To display webpages, Safari is used, which has a rendering engine named (WebKit). This engine complies with most common standards and is believed to be one of the fastest available for Mac.

HyperEdit is available as Shareware, and a free demo with some limitations is available at the Developer's website for download.

PHP 5[edit]

It is possible to deploy the latest version of PHP, namely 5.x, on HyperEdit for Mac OS X v10.4 and above.