Hyper Hippo Productions

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Hyper Hippo Productions Ltd.
Industry Video game industry
Founded 2012
Founders Lance Priebe & Pascale Audette
Headquarters Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
Lance Priebe (CEO & CCO)
Products AdVenture Capitalist, Wild Warfare, Leviathans Online, etc.
Number of employees
Website Official Website

Hyper Hippo Productions is a Canadian online video game and software development company. It was co-founded by Club Penguin founder Lance Priebe[1] and Pascale Audette, a former employee of Disney Online Studios Canada. Their current most popular games include AdVenture Capitalist and Wild Warfare, among many others.


Hyper Hippo was founded by Lance Priebe and Pascale Audette in late 2012. Its original purpose was to expand the size of Priebe's old studio, RocketSnail Games, which is today used as a personal studio for independent projects by Priebe. Hyper Hippo formally inherited all of RocketSnail's projects, including Mech Mice and Leviathans Online.

In November 2012, Catalyst Game Labs announced a partnership with Hyper Hippo to create Leviathans Online.[2] Later, in December 2012, Wired's GeekDad also reported about Catalyst Games and Hyper Hippo Games possibly partnering.[3] In 2015, they published a revamped version of browser game AdVenture Capitalist for mobile.

In February 2016, Jagex Limited announced a partnership with Hyper Hippo to create RuneScape: Idle Adventures[4] an upcoming spin-off of RuneScape described as a quick to play RPG boiled down to the basics where your character will progress in real time. It is currently in early access beta through Steam on PC. It is planned to also be available on tablet and mobile.