Hyper Groove Party

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Compilation album by Folder 5
Released January 22, 2003
Folder 5 chronology
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Hyper Groove Party is a Folder 5 album released on January 22, 2003. It is a collection of mixed, shortened versions of their songs.

Hyper Groove Party is the first remix album released by Folder 5 that features all the songs that have been done by Folder 5. The album reached No. 12 on the Oricon charts and charted for five weeks, selling 24,624 copies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ready!"
  3. "GEMINI"
  4. "Follow me"
  5. "Final Fun"-Boy
  6. "BE MY LOVE"
  9. "Koi No Kakera..."(Featuring MOE)
  10. "Baby My Heart"
  11. "Turn to you" (Featuring HIKARI)
  12. "MY MIRACLE"
  14. "Piece of wish"
  15. "Depend on you"
  16. "Still reminds me of you"
  17. "Midnight Train" (Featuring ARISA)
  18. "Shakunetu" ~SUMMER BIRTHDAY~
  19. "Magical Eyes"
  20. "Wonders" (Featuring NATSU)
  21. "GO AHEAD!!"
  22. "STAY"
  23. "Chance & Lucky"
  24. "Break the silence"
  25. "Liar"
  26. "HEART BEAT"
  27. "IT'S UP TO YOU"
  28. "Believe"
  29. "Precious Love"
  30. "FAKE"

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