Hyper Speed GranDoll

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Hyper Speed GranDoll
(Chō Kōsoku Gurandōru)
Genre Science fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Hideki Tonokatsu
Written by Yuko Nakada
Music by Toshiro Yabuki
Studio Zero-G
Licensed by
Released 1997
Runtime 30 minutes (each)
Episodes 3
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Hyper Speed GranDoll (超光速グランドール, Chō Kōsoku Gurandōru) is an anime OVA about a high school girl who discovers that she is really part of a royal lineage of aliens from a distant planet. The anime was released in the United States by Central Park Media.

This anime is part Sci-Fi and part Magical Girl similar to Sailor Moon and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

Video games[edit]

A game based on this OVA was released for the PlayStation in Japan which is an action sidescrolling platformer similar to Metroid and Megaman.

The game's plot closely follows the OVA's storyline, except for a few minor differences. Unlike the anime where Hikaru only fights in her standard armor, in the game she gets multiple different styles of armor upgrades after defeating a boss, similar to Megaman ZX's Bio Metal System.


There are 3 episodes:

  1. An Eventful Double Date
  2. A Heroic Transfer Student
  3. Give Me Courage


Ending theme
"Sotto Chikau Shunkan Toki" by Junko Iwao


Bamboo Dong of Anime News Network described Hyper Speed GranDoll as being very predictable, comparing it to a "color by numbers" book. However, said that it was still entertaining enough to warrant a rental.[1] Chris Beveridge of Mania.com expressed similar sentiments, calling the anime "fun" but also "by the numbers".[2]


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