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In Greek mythology, the name Hyperbius (Greek: Ὑπέρβιος) may refer to:

  • Hyperbius, son of Oenops, a defender of Thebes against the Seven, appointed by Eteocles to defend the Oncaidian Gate against Hippomedon. He had an image of Zeus on his shield.[1]
  • Hyperbius, a son of Aegyptus, who married and was killed by the Danaid Celaeno,[2] or by Eupheme.[3]
  • Hyperbius, a son of Ares, reputedly the first to have killed an animal.[4]
  • Hyperbius, an Athenian, brother of Agrolas or Euryalus. The two brothers were credited with inventing the technique of building with bricks, and with construction of the first brick houses in Athens,[4] as well as of the wall around Acropolis.[5]
  • Hyperbius, a Corinthian credited with invention of the potter's wheel.[4][6]


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