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San Diego State University Press
Parent company San Diego State University
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location San Diego, California
Publication types books, journals
Imprints Hyperbole Books
Official website

San Diego State University Press (or SDSU Press) is a university press that is part of San Diego State University, with noted specializations in Border Studies, Critical Theory, Latin American Studies, and Cultural Studies. It is the oldest university press in the California State University system. It presently publishes books under two rubrics: CODEX, focused on critical theory, and surTEXT, focused on Latin American/Transamerican Cultural Studies. In 2006, SDSU Press also inaugurated Hyperbole Books, specializing in "publishing cutting-edge, over-the-top experiments in critical theory, literary criticism and graphic narrative."[1]

Noted authors published by SDSU Press include Raymond Federman, Daniel Olivas, Jane Goodall,[2] Noam Chomsky,[3] and Mark Amerika.[4]

SDSU Press is currently directed by Dr. Harry Polkinhorn, and its editorial board includes Stuart Aitken, Laurie Edson, Paul Ganster, Emily Hicks, Larry McCaffery, & William Nericcio.[5]


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