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The Hypercacher superette at Porte de Vincennes after the terrorist attack on 9 January 2015
The superette in June 2016.

Hypercacher (pronounced [ipɛʁkaʃɛʁ]; also Hyper Cacher or HyperCacher; translated as "Super Kosher")[1] is a chain of kosher supermarkets in France and Italy.

There are branches in and around Paris (Porte de Vincennes, rue de Manin, rue de l'Ourcq, La Villette, rue Bayen, rue Jean-de-la-La-Fontaine, Montreuil, Créteil, Sarcelles, Saint Gratien), as well as in Nice and Rome.[2][3]


The first branch was opened in March 1992 in Montreuil, and branches have been opened from that date until 2013.[4] The company's president is Michel Emsalem.[4]

On 9 January 2015, Islamist terrorist Amedy Coulibaly held several hostages at gunpoint at the Porte de Vincennes branch in the eastern suburbs of Paris.[1][5] Four hostages were murdered by Coulibaly, who was then killed by police.[6]


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