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Hyperium Records
Parent companyZZO Recordings
FounderOliver Roesch / Oliver van Essenberg
Genredarkwave, neoclassical, gothic rock, ambient, ethereal
Country of originGermany

Hyperium Records was a German independent record label specializing in darkwave, neoclassical, ethereal, gothic rock, and ambient music, founded by Oliver Roesch[1] (also known as "Oli" Roesch) and Oliver van Essenberg in 1991.[2] Roesch died on August 1, 2002 in a motorcycle accident.[3]


Heavenly Voices compilations[edit]

Hyperium are best known for their Heavenly Voices compilation series, which featured prominent use of female vocals in a neo-classical, neofolk, world music, trip hop or ethereal style. "Heavenly Voices" has often been used as a genre term, particularly during the mid to late 1990s.[4] Love Is Colder Than Death claim that the series was inspired by their music.[5]

The first few compilations featured music by many of the label's own artists, as well as guest appearance by other notable bands of the ethereal/gothic/darkwave scene including Bel Canto, Faith & the Muse, Gitane Demone, In The Nursery, Miranda Sex Garden, Ordo Equitum Solis and The Moon Seven Times. In 1997, American independent label Cleopatra Records released a Hyperium licensed compilation called Heavenly Voices subtitled, "A collection of the finest female vocals in ethereal, darkwave & gothic".[6]


The following are artists with releases on Hyperium Records:

The following artists were co-released by Hyperium Records and Projekt Records:

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