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Hyperlite Wake MFG
Industry Sports,
Founded Redmond, WA (1985)
Headquarters Redmond, Washington, United States
Products Wakeboards,
Wakeboard Bindings,
Website www.hyperlite.com

Hyperlite is a wakeboarding company that has been around since the sport was first invented. Hyperlite sponsors many professional wakeboarders and wakeskaters, such as Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski, Denise de Haan, Heather Johnson, Jd Webb, Jimmy Lariche, Jacob Valdez, Nick Davies, Jenacee Jackson, Maeghan Mckenzie, Mike Schwene, Brian Grubb, Brandon Thomas, and Chris Kallas.[1]

Hyperlite wakeboards were not only amongst the first wakeboards on the scene but founder Herb O'Brien was one of the founding members of this now nationally known X-Game. Herb - who owned the water ski company, H.O. Sports hooked up with some of the best surfboard shapers in Hawaii to design and build the first compression-molded neutral-buoyancy wakeboard, the Hyperlite. This innovation sparked the massive growth of what today is known as wakeboarding. Some of the first names of this new sport were skiboarding, and even skurfing, but those only lasted for a few years; Ultimately wakeboarding became the official name of this sport. The Hyperlite's new features such as: neutral buoyancy and better bindings gave riding behind a boat a new feel that was comfortable and accessible.

Herb O'Brien continued to refine the wakeboard. The board had a thin profile, sharp edges and would carve like a slalom ski. It also had phasers (large dimples on the bottom), which broke up water adhesion and gave the board a quicker "loose" feel and softer landings from wake jumps. The thin shape, neutral buoyancy and phasers were features made possible by the compression-molding process. Following the lead of the H.O. Sports, other board companies such as Neptune and Connelly started manufacturing their own compression molded wakeboards and the sport really began to catch fire.[2]

Hyperlite wakeboards have come a long way in the past several years. Now featuring top of the line technology that professionals and novices alike can appreciate and enjoy. This famous sport now has dozens of wakeboard manufacturers and Hyperlite has branched out specializing in only top of the line wakeboard gear, from ropes and specialized handles to boots and apparel. Hyperlite has even started to manufacture the Wakeskate which is exactly what it sounds like, a wakeboard that utilizes just the technology of the board, your feet and your body's ability to harness the laws of physics.

Hyperlite Wakeboards is a company that continues to create technology that pushes the limits and allows its riders to perform to the best of their ability, while not neglecting the lifestyle of the rider. To facilitate different riders of different shapes, sizes and styles Hyperlite boast three different core types, as well as six hydrodynamic shell and dozens of designs that give Hyperlite not only its name but its reputation as well. Hyperlite combines the technology that the rider needs with the design that the rider loves.

In 2006 Hyperlite founder Herb O'Brien left H.O. and Hyperlite to form a new watersports company named Square One with a new wakeboarding brand, Ronix, that would compete with Hyperlite.

Hyperlite launched the Byerly brand of wakeboard and wakeskate products for the 2007 season, promoting Scott Byerly as his own distinct brand for the first time.


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