Hypermnestra (daughter of Thestius)

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Hypermnestra was the daughter of Thestius and Eurythemis.[1] Her sisters are Althaea and Leda. With her husband Oicles, she had a son named Amphiaraus, who later took part in the war of the Seven Against Thebes, and also two daughters, Polyboea and Iphianeira.[2][3]

Calydonian Family Tree[edit]

Dorus Aetolus Pronoe Phorbus
Xanthippe Pleuron Calydon Aeolia
Sterope Stratonice Laophonte Agenor Epicaste Cleoboea Protogeneia Ares
Euryte Porthaon Demonice Thestius Eurythemis Oxylus
Oeneus Althaea Toxeus Evippus Plexippus Eurypylus Leda
Periphas Toxeus Deianira Gorge Perimede Phoenix Oecles Hypermnestra
Clymenus Melanippe Thoas Astypalaea Poseidon Polyboea Iphianeira Amphiaraus
Mothone Agelaus Ancaeus Eurypylus Clytie
Thyreus Eurymede Heracles Chalciope
Meleager Thessalus


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