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Hyphen Press is a London publisher of books on design and typography.[1] Hyphen Press was founded by Robin Kinross in 1980, but has published nearly all of its books beginning in the 1990s.

Hyphen Press has produced about thirty books[2] on a diverse range of topics, but most of its most important publications are devoted to the topic of typography. These include Christopher Burke's Paul Renner, 1998; Robin Kinross's Anthony Froshaug: Typography & Texts, 2000; Harry Carter's A View of Early Typography, 2002; Designing Books, 2003, by Jost Hochuli and Robin Kinross; Peter Burnhill's Type Spaces, 2003; Gerrit Noordzij's The Stroke: Theory of Writing, 2005; and Robin Kinross's Modern Typography, 2010.

Princeton Architectural Press is the North American distributor of Hyphen Press books.[3]

Hyphen Press has also produced seven music CDs since 2004.

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