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Otocinclus cocama.jpg
Otocinclus cocama
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Siluriformes
Family: Loricariidae
Subfamily: Hypoptopomatinae
C. H. Eigenmann & R. S. Eigenmann, 1890

Tribe Hypoptopomatini
Tribe Otothyrini (sometimes elevated to subfamily as Otothyrinae)
incertae sedis
  Chauliocheilos [1]
  Plesioptopoma [2]
  Rhinolekos [3]

The Hypoptopomatinae are a subfamily of catfishes (order Siluriformes) of the family Loricariidae,[4] composed of 17 genera and approximately 80 species.[5] This subfamily represents about one-tenth of all loricariid species.[6]

It has been divided into two tribes, Hypoptopomatini and Otothyrini.[4] However, in a 2005 analysis, Otothyrini was found to not be monophyletic, with its representatives comprising a paraphyletic group in relation to the tribe Hypoptopomatini.[7] More recent phylogenetic evidence shows that Hypoptopomatini and Otothyrini, while each are monophyletic tribes, do not form a monophyletic subfamily, and therefore should each be recognized as their own individual subfamilies.[8] Problematically, the most recent hypoptopomatine genera, Gymnotocinclus and Rhinolekos, were not classified in either of the tribes.[3][9]

Almost all species of Hypoptopomatinae have a diploid number of 2n = 54; this group is karyotypically very conserved.[10]

Hypoptopomatinae are distributed east of the Andes in South America from Venezuela to northern Argentina.[5] Most of the hypoptopomatine species are usually found at or near the water surface, typically in close association with riverbank vegetation or some subsurface structure.[11]


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