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Stable release
hypre-2.8.0b / 2011/11/14
Operating system Linux, Unix
Available in C (main language),C++, FORTRAN
Type High-performance Parallel Software for linear systems and eigenvalue problems
License LGPL (version 2.1)
Website https://computation.llnl.gov/casc/hypre/software.html

The Parallel High Performance Preconditioners (hypre) is a library of routines for scalable (parallel) solution of linear systems. The built-in BLOPEX package in addition allows solving eigenvalue problems. The main strength of Hypre is availability of high performance parallel multigrid preconditioners for both structured and unstructured grid problems, see (Falgout et al., 2005, 2006).

Currently, Hypre supports only real double-precision arithmetic. Hypre uses the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard for all message-passing communication. The current beta version of Hypre is 2.10.0b; released 2015/01/22. PETSc has an interface to call Hypre preconditioners.

Hypre is being developed and is supported by members of the Scalable Linear Solvers project within the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


hypre provides the following features:

  • Parallel vectors and matrices, using several different interfaces
  • Scalable parallel preconditioners
  • Built-in BLOPEX


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