Hypsibius dujardini

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Hypsibius dujardini
Hypsibius dujardini
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Tardigrada
Class: Eutardigrada
Order: Parachaela
Family: Hypsibiidae
Genus: Hypsibius
Species: H. dujardini
Binomial name
Hypsibius dujardini
(Doyère, 1840)

Macrobiotus dujardini Doyère, 1840

Hypsibius dujardini is a species of water bear or moss piglet, a tardigrade in the class Eutardigrada.

Genome sequencing[edit]


The genome of Hypsibius dujardini has been sequenced [1]. It is also being sequenced[2] at the Broad Institute. Hypsibius dujardini has a compact genome and a generation time of about two weeks. It can be cultured indefinitely and cryopreserved.[3].


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