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Hyrcanis (Lydia)

Coordinates: 38°40′03″N 27°40′02″E / 38.667539°N 27.667099°E / 38.667539; 27.667099
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Hyrcanis among the cities of Lydia (ca. 50 AD)
Asia Minor 400AD

Hyrcanis or Hyrkaneis, also known as Hyrcania (Ancient Greek: Ὑρκανία), was a Roman and Byzantine-era city[1] and bishopric in ancient Lydia, now in western Turkey. It was situated in the Hyrcanian plain (τὸ Ὑρκάνιον πεδίον), which is said to have derived its name from a colony of Hyrcanians being settled here by the Persians.[2][3] They were afterwards mingled with some Macedonians, who also settled in this district, whence they are called by Pliny the Elder and Tacitus "Macedones Hyrcani."[4][5][6][7] The city minted its own coins.[8][9]

Its site is located west of Halit Paşa in Asiatic Turkey,[10][11] south of Çamlıyurt.

The city was also the seat of an ancient bishopric. Known bishops include:


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38°40′03″N 27°40′02″E / 38.667539°N 27.667099°E / 38.667539; 27.667099