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In Greek mythology, Hyrtacus (/ˈhɜːrtəkəs/; Greek: Ὕρτακος) is an obscure character associated with the Trojan War. He was a comrade of King Priam of Troy. Hyrtacus married Arisbe, daughter of King Merops of Percote, after Priam had divorced her to marry Hecabe.[1] Hyrtacus's son by Arisbe was named Asius and fought at Troy.[2] In the Aeneid, Hyrtacus is credited with two more sons, Nisus[3] and Hippocoon.[4] Hyrtacus's own parentage is not given.

The name 'Hyrtacus' is perhaps of Cretan origin, given that there was an ancient city named Hyrtacus (or Hyrtacina) in southwestern Crete.


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