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Hyson Green is a neighbourhood in Nottingham, England. It is the second most popular shopping area after the city centre and is now home to a variety of cultures with a thriving local economy. Hyson Green has the largest ethnic minority population in the city with many multicultural shops and supermarkets offering foods from West Africa and Southern Africa, Arabia, Eastern Europe, Iran, India, Pakistan and Russia. Since 2006 Hyson Green has seen a larger rise in development and direct international investment than any other area of Nottingham. According to new research Hyson Green has the fastest GDP growth in Nottingham.[1]

Hyson Green is spread over Berridge and Arboretum wards of Nottingham. While the local economy is improving, child poverty remains higher than average, as listed in Nottingham City Council's ward profiles.[2]

The area is served by Radford Road tram stop and Hyson Green Market tram stop on the Nottingham Express Transit. The opening of the tram system has boosted Hyson Green's profile and helped to regenerate the area.[3][4]

Adjacent to The Forest Tram Stop is the Forest Recreation Ground, which holds the annual Nottingham Goose Fair and frequent sport matches on the grass pitches. There is a small playground, and several astro-turf pitches. The recreation ground was a race course in Victorian times.[5] Local facilities include a library, now situated in the Mary Potter Centre. The former library building dates from approximately 1890 and has always been a free library.


Nottingham City Transport

  • 80: Nottingham - Canning Circus - Hyson Green - Basford - Bulwell.
  • L12: University Campus - QMC - Hyson Green - City Hospital Island.
  • L14: Nottingham - Canning Circus - Hyson Green - City Hospital - Basford - Bulwell.

Nottingham Express Transit

Preceding station   Nottingham Express Transit Nottingham Express Transit   Following station
Radford Road
towards Hucknall or Phoenix Park
  Line 1   The Forest
towards Station Street
  • Tram: Nottingham - Hyson Green - Basford - Bulwell - Hucknall.
  • Tram: Nottingham - Hyson Green - Basford - Phoenix Park.

Local economy and religion[edit]

Radford Road in Hyson Green is the busiest shopping road outside of the city centre. Radford Road is home to dozens of ethnic eateries, supermarkets, jewelers, book shops, barbers and general stores with business owners from Poland, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Arab world, Somalia, Cameroon, DR Congo, Nigeria, Spain, Kurdish regions, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. There is also an Asda that sells Halal food.

There are three Islamic HQ companies known as Muslim Hands, Al Ain and Orphans in Deen.

The local area has a Czech Republic Church, a Russian Orthodox Church, Nigerian Church, 2 Gurdwara, 3 Hindu temples, a Buddhist temple and 11 Mosques. The local KFC and Subway also do Halal food.[6][7]

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