Hysterical Stars

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Hysterical Stars
Hysterical Stars (Head of Femur album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by Head of Femur
Released May 25, 2005
Recorded Wall To Wall Recording, Chicago, Illinois (2004)
Genre Indie rock
Label Spin Art Records
Producer Head of Femur; Chris Brickley; Dan Dietrich
Head of Femur chronology
Ringodom or Proctor
(2003)Ringodom or Proctor2003
Hysterical Stars

Hysterical Stars is the second release by Chicago-based band Head of Femur. It was released May 25, 2005 on Spin Art Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Elliott Gould Is in California Split"
  2. "Ringodom or Proctor"
  3. "Manhattan"
  4. "Percy"
  5. "Skirts are Takin' Over"
  6. "The Sausage Canoe"
  7. "Oh You're Blue"
  8. "Song for Richard Manuel"
  9. "Born in the Seventies"
  10. "Easy Street"
  11. "Sometimes Friends"
  12. "Jack and the Water Buffalo"

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