Hyundai Galloper

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Hyundai Galloper
Hyundai Galloper XL 2.5d Turbo Wagon 1996 (15767100351).jpg
Manufacturer Hyundai
Mitsubishi Motors
Also called Galloper Exceed
Galloper Safari
Asia Galloper (Brazil)
Galloper TCI (Iceland)[1]
Mitsubishi Pajero
Production 1991–2003
Assembly Seoul, South Korea
Ulsan, South Korea
Beijing, China
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size SUV
Body style

5-door SUV

2-door SUV
Layout Front-engine, four-wheel-drive
Related Mitsubishi Pajero

3.0 L V6 (petrol)

2.5 L D4BH I4 (diesel)

4-speed automatic

5-speed manual

2,350 mm (93 in) SWB

2,695 mm (106 in) LWB
  • 3,945 mm (155 in) SWB
  • 4,545 mm (179 in) LWB STD
  • 4,605 mm (181 in) LWB XL
  • 4,615 mm (182 in) LWB TCI&GSL;
Width 69.7 in (1,770 mm)
Height 73.2 in (1,859 mm)
Successor Hyundai Terracan

The Hyundai Galloper, also known as the Galloper Exceed, Galloper Innovation, Mitsubishi Galloper or Asia Galloper, is a mid-size SUV manufactured by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai from 1991 to 2003. It was a rebadged first and second generation Mitsubishi Pajero and was assembled at the Hyundai Precision & Ind. Co. factory in Seoul until 1999, when production was moved to the Hyundai Motor Company.[2] It is almost identical to the Mitsubishi Pajero, a five-passenger vehicle with additional seating for 2 in the back, increasing its capacity to a full seven passenger vehicle. It was available with a 2-door body on a short wheelbase for Innovation models or 5-door body on long wheelbase for the Galloper I/II Exceed models.[3]


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