Hyundai Mega Truck

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Hyundai Mega Truck
2013080601 Hyundai Mega Truck.png
Manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company
Production Worldwide
Designer Hyundai Motor Company Design Center
Bering Truck
Body and chassis
Class Rear wheel drive vehicles
Body style Truck
Platform Bering MD
Related Bering MD
Engine Hyundai K-Engine
Transmission Hyundai (manual)
Allison/ZF (automatic)
Wheelbase 3,845-4,895 (4.5t)
3,845-5,395 (5t)
Length 7,010-8,660
Width 2,255 (4.5t)
2,400 (5t)
Height 2,660
Curb weight 4,680(9,375)-5,280(9,975) (4.5t)
4,730(9,925)-5,490(10,185) (5t)
Predecessor Hyundai Super Truck Medium

The Hyundai Mega Truck (hangul:현대 메가트럭) is a line of medium-duty commercial vehicle by Hyundai Motor Company. The range was primarily available as cargo and dump truck. Its model truck name is 'Hyundai'. In USA and Canada it was called the Bering MD.

Most medium-duty truck models are distinguishable by a front 'Hyundai Truck' badge, but the common Hyundai badge is usually used on the rear.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Kia Rhino.


Hyundai Mega Truck is a name used by Hyundai Motor Company in commercial vehicle of trucks for two related models. Designed by Hyundai Motor Company and Bering Truck. Manufactured in Korea at the Hyundai Motor Company Jeonju Commercial Vehicle Plant in 2004.

  • 4.5 ton Cargo (short/long/ultra long)
  • 5 ton Cargo (short/long/ultra long/ultra long plus)
  • 5 ton Dump (short)

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